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You're skeptical, I understand. You've tried stores up and down the state and you've settled for someplace. Maybe it's somewhere near your home or job. Maybe you've decided that the big-box stores are the only way to go. There's a comfort in the known, in patronizing the same places you've always visited. But my friend, unless you're coming to Game Force Longmont, you're missing out.

What makes GameForce Longmont awesome? To start, it's our massive quantity of games. If you're after a new release, or a classic from your youth, we're your place. Our breadth and depth of selection is outstanding. It's also our staff, an awesome staff if I may say so myself. A talented, knowledgeable bunch; a rag-tag crew of movers and shakers. Our prices help, too. We're competitive with those big-box places on new stuff, and beat them hands-down on used items. Go ahead, check it out and let me know what you think.

Meet our staff below:

Game Force Employees

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