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Warranty Information & Exchanges

GameForce Longmont has a robust warranty program and fair exchange policies.

  • All of our used systems, hardware, and accessories come with a 60-day warranty.
  • All of our used disc-based games and movies come with 14-day warranties.
  • All of our used cartridge-based games come with lifetime warranties.
  • All system repairs come with a 30-day warranty, unless otherwise specified.

For all warranty exchanges, please remember to have your original receipt available.

Additionally, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on used games. Why buy new games from a big-box store that doesn't offer any kind of exchange policy? At GameForce Longmont, we think getting games should be fun, not risky. If you've bought a used game from us and you don't like it, bring it back within 48 hours for full credit! So what's the risk in at least trying a title you've never heard of? No risk with GameForce Longmont - oh yeah!

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Have more questions? Why not stop by our store, or give us a ring at (303) 702.0251

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